Monday, 20 February 2012

Bob the Frog

I'd like you to meet Bob.  He is the newest resident at St Georges Primary School in New Mills, which I used to attend way back in the day!

The children all helped to paint him green so he would fit into his environment in the wooded area.

Then each child drew a line drawing based around the theme of nature which me and Mrs Bartells (my artist friend who is also a teaching assistant there) transfered onto his body.

His froggy tattoos were inked on in one day with the help of some of the kids.  Then finally he was varnished to make him weather and water proof so he can live happily in the wooded area, once the weather improves!

I really enjoyed the whole process of helping transform Bob the Frog from a fibreglass shell into a wonderful nature themed art piece!  The children all got to take part in every step too, which I thought was an important part of the project.

The frog sculpture was from the organisation Wild In Art who have organised events such as Pride in Bournmouth, Go Superlambananas in Liverpool, Rhino Mania in Chester and WOW! Gorillas in Bristol.


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    1. Ooo how exciting! I would love a sculpture in my garden, although preferably I would like a giraffe!