Thursday, 8 September 2011

A Little Update...

... on my goings on.

I am pleased to say my embroidered chickens that were on sale at New Mills Original flew away in July!  I am still pleased as punch that someone has purchased one of my embroidered pieces, hopefully this is the start of a trend!

A friend of mine got married recently and kindly asked me to make her thank you cards.  I am super excited about this opportunity, it will be a great experience and hopefully if everything goes well I'll be able to offer personalised wedding thank you cards in my Etsy shop.  Updates on this once the client and recipients have sent and seen them!


  1. Great news dude!!! When I saw your work up at your final year exhibition show I was amazed at the attention to detail....your embroidery is beautiful. My favourite piece was that one of the Skip....I wish I could have afforded to buy that. When I am super rich I will definitely commission you me dear.

  2. I do still have it actually, maybe I could lower the price as it isn't framed? Im still really pleased that you like it, it's not one of my family's favourites unfortunately for me! Thanks again Anna, really appreciate the comments :)